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Ryan Jacobs

I originally scheduled a colonoscopy for my mother of 67 years. After meeting with Dr. DaCosta and seeing how comfortable my mum was, I decided to grab the opportunity and get one done myself. I’ve heard many things about colonoscopies being awkward or weird, but he really managed to help me settle down. Nice, professional, and incredibly charming.

Matt Franjic

My regular doctor forwarded me to the Gastro Center for some intense pain I was feeling in my digestion. Dr. DaCosta saw me right away and figured out what was going wrong in my system. Not only did he help treat my condition, he also helped me figure out lifestyle changes to stop it from happening again.

James King

I’ve had sporadic stomach cramps and gassiness for as long as I can remember. For the longest time, I was convinced I had colon cancer. I went to Dr. DaCosta and he screened me immediately. The results came out negative but he was able to help me out in the end. Turns out I was experiencing severe episodic constipation so he recommended a new diet for me. I honestly feel so much better now thanks to him.

Megan Stetzel

Dr. DaCosta has been the man in charge of my colon for over a decade, and I recommend him to everyone I meet. Colonoscopies are my least favorite reason to visit a doctor’s office, but Dr. DaCosta does his best to make the session as straightforward and relaxing as possible. He answers any and all questions and will make sure I’m never left in the dark. 5 stars for this clinic any day!


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