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The Gastro Center of NJ is a full-service medical clinic for all gastrointestinal tract health conditions. For illnesses and diseases related to the esophagus, biliary tract, small intestine, pancreas, stomach, liver, colon, and more, we are ready to serve all patients with our modern diagnostic procedures and treatment practices.

The Gastro Center of NJ is more than just a clinic. We believe in the importance of uniquely assessing each and every patient, from diagnosis to post-treatment education. We understand the difficulty of living with gastrointestinal problems, which many people deal with unknowingly every day. If you are experiencing abdominal pain, indigestion, constipation, difficulty swallowing, chronic diarrhea, and other similar symptoms, the Gastro Center of NJ can help.

At the Gastro Center of NJ, every patient is given the utmost care and attention. From simple procedures to advanced gastroenterology care, we can provide the world class and modern care that you deserve.

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Patient-Centered Care

We know that the best care involves a comprehensive understanding of what’s going on inside of your body. Our patient-centered care philosophy prioritizes patient-first education, helping you have a complete understanding of your pain, our diagnosis and treatment, and how to live life after.

World Class Service

The world of medicine is constantly evolving, and we stay ahead of the pack with our own education and available technologies. Our doctors are committed to a lifestyle of lifelong learning, ensuring that we provide only the latest and most-trusted diagnosis and treatment practices.


Your Health, Our Priority

Doctor Biographies

Experience, Compassion, and Expertise.
At the Gastro Center of NJ, the patient is just as important as the doctor.

Theodore A. DaCosta, MD:
Your Next Gastroenterologist

For over two decades, Theodore A. DaCosta, MD has worked tirelessly on two tasks: serving patients and pushing the field of gastroenterology to greater heights. With prestigious awards and long-standing memberships to both national and local professional associations under his belt, Dr. DaCosta is one of the leading gastroenterologists in the country, highly respected amongst patients and peers alike. With a focus on Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine, Dr. DaCosta has helped countless patients with stomach issues and conditions related to the digestive or gastrointestinal tract. Everything from irritable bowel syndrome to Crohn’s disease and more. Dr. DaCosta has seen and treated it all.


Dr. DaCosta is one of the finest gastroenterologists in the country, and has based his education and practice in the state of New Jersey for over 29 years. He believes in serving his community, giving back through his own specialization. With an emphasis on patient well-being above all else, Dr. DaCosta approaches every new case with the same level of commitment and dedication as his last.


Seton Hall University – Bachelor of Science, Biology University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey – Degree of Doctor of Medicine

Professional Experience

Seton Hall Post Graduate School of Medical Education Saint Michael’s Medical Center Internship in Internal Medicine, 1989-1990 Resident in Internal Medicine, 1990-1992 Chief Medical Resident in Internal Medicine, 1992-1993 Fellowship in Gastroenterology, 1993-1996 Associate Program Director, 1996-Present (New York Medical College)

Professional Societies

American Medical Association American College of Gastroenterology Medical Society of New Jersey New Jersey Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Society

Awards and Achievements

  • Compassionate Doctor Recognition 2018
  • Patients’ Choice Award 2018
  • Healthcare Heroes Award-UHIP 2018 and 2015
  • Hermes Award for UHIP Program to Redefine and Reinvent Healthcare in African American and Latino Communities 2017
  • Telly Award for UHIP Ground Breaking Health Education Aimed at Empowering the Urban Community 2017
  • Dr. George Perez Achievement Award for Outstanding Medical Teaching Attending Saint Michael’s Medical Center 2013
  • Arch Bishop McCarrick Lifetime Achievement Award for excellence in Teaching Seton Hall University 2003
  • Outstanding Medical Teaching Attending Award Internal Medicine Saint Michael’s Medical Center 2002


  • Theodore R. DaCosta DO, Theodore A. DaCosta MD, Department of Medical Education, St. Michael’s Medical Center, Newark NJ. A Case of Branch Duct IPMN with Recurrent Pancreatitis. NJ ACP submitted for the 2019 Scientific Meeting
  • Sudipa Chowdhury, DO, Jaimy Patel, MD, Theodore DaCosta MD, Department of Medical Education, St. Michael’s Medical Center, Newark, NJ. Do Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors Increase the risk of GI Bleeding? NJ ACP submitted for the 2019 Scientific Meeting.
  • Saraswathi Lakkasani MD, Hamid Shaaban MD, Theodore DaCosta MD: A rare and unusual presentation of EBV-associated diffuse large B cell lymphoma involving colon as the primary site in a patient with a history of Treated Colorectal Cancer. American College of Gastroenterology Annual Scientific Meeting. Philadelphia, PA, October 2018
  • Maruboyina, SP, MD, DePasquale, J, MD, DaCosta, T, MD: The use of Hepatitis C (HCV) infected donor livers in orthotropic liver transplantation (OLT). UNE COM Research Colloquium. May 2018
  • Shah, KK, MD, Shah, AM, MD, Kadri, M, MD, DaCosta, T, MD: A unique case of gastric wall pneumatosis. UNE COM Research Colloquium. May 2018
  • DaCosta, MD, Theodore, N, Latif, MD: Combined hepatocellular-cholangiocarcinoma; A rare primary liver cancer. The 24th Annual Dr. George Perez Research Colloquium. May 2013
  • DaCosta, MD, Theodore, S. Seth, MD, Y. Modi, MD, D. Gauchan, MD, L. Garretson, MD, M. Maroules, MD, G. Guron, MD: A case of diffuse large B cell lymphoma of stomach in Klinefelter’s syndrome. The 24th Annual Dr. George Perez Research Colloquium. May 2013
  • DaCosta, MD, Theodore, S. Seth, MD, H. Shaaban, MD, N. Shah, MD, Y. Modi, MD, G. Guron, MD: A case of recurrent Sister Mary Joseph’s nodule related to malignant peritoneal mesothelioma that was successfully treated with hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy. The 23rd Annual Dr. George Perez Research Colloquium. May 2012
  • DaCosta, MD, Theodore, Theodore DaCosta, Sr., MD, Robert S. Spira, MD: Lipomatous polyposis involving the entire gastrointestinal tract. Am J Gastroenterology 90(9): 1676, 1995.
  • DaCosta, MD, Theodore, Joseph R. DePasquale, MD, Robert S. Spira, MD: The use of albumin gradient and neutrophil count in the evaluation of HIV ascites. Am J Gastroenterology 90(9): 1620, 1995.
  • DaCosta, MD, Theodore, M. V. Magasic, MD, W. Baddoura, MD: Concurrent typhoid fever and hepatitis E virus infection. Am J Gastroenterology 90(9): 1676, 1995.

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